Lisa Dann

School of Biological Sciences
Flinders University

GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: +6188201 5234

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From early on in my education I have always had a passion for science and consequently chose to study a Bachelor of Health Science for my undergraduate degree. It was during my undergraduate years that I discovered my interest related to bacteria and viruses, and more specifically, the interactions between bacteria and their phage within diverse systems. Therefore, on completion of my undergraduate studies I went on to study a Bachelor of Science (Honours) where I looked at the microscale distributions of aquatic virio- and bacterioplankton within a mangrove and estuary system. On completion of my honours I was offered a PhD scholarship. 

I am currently studying my PhD at Flinders University in collaboration with the The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). My supervisors are Prof. James G Mitchell of Flinders University and Dr. Rod Oliver of the CSIRO. My thesis looks at the distributional dynamics of South Australian aquatic bacterio- and virioplankton primarily using the Murray River as a model system. I have looked at large scale and small scale distributions of bacterio- and virioplankton via the use of flow cytometry, microscopy and genomic sequencing.  

2011 BSCH - Bachelor of Science (Honours)
2010 BHS - Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree (Life Sciences Stream)

Honours, awards and grants
CSIRO Top-up scholarship (2012)
Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) 2012
Chancellor's Letter of Commendation Award 2011
Golden Key Society 2008-2011